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Slick as A Whistle

Good Morning!
I Have Been Thinking

It almost feels like cleaning the kitchen cupboards. Everything is such a mess while you are doing it!

The restucture will probably be slow for a while. Only two of my sites are online at least for now. I will be adding a good lot of stuff, but I am certainly going back to the more static website content.  I may have a whole lot of things to talk about as I get through this changeover.

I have other domains that begin with “winning” so be prepared to see more as winningwayhosting, and winningwaysecrets go live. Or maybe I will preface them with cwinsonline-hosting,

I did move my blog, so if you want past issues you can still find them at http://www.cwinsonline-wordpress.com it was a fast and safe way to back up the word press blog.  If ever you can’t read the newsletter in your email you can almost always find the latest online minus any advertising. 

The Winning Way - one step at a time

Opportunity is never lost
It goes To Those Ready to Accept It!


 Start every day with a smile  Ice Breakers
 New House

A family had spent the day moving from their farmhouse into a brand new house in a development nearby.

Very early the next morning, their 3 year-old son ran in to
the parent’s bedroom to wake them up.

The mother dressed him and told him to play in the yard.

About 20 minutes later, he came running back.

“Mommy, Mommy,” he exclaimed, “Everybody has doorbells – and they all work!”

Thought for Today:  

“I like the dreams for the future better than the history of the past”.  -Thomas Jefferson


Tips Tips and Techniques

In your WP blog you can export the blog, then in a new WP blog you own you can import the blog. Just click on tools in your admin panel, click on export, save the download to your computer. Then go to tools in the new blog and click import. Slick as a whistle!

Happy designing!



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Organizing Files 2

Good Morning!
I Have Been Thinking

Yesterday we talked a little about files and organizing the files on your computer. Did you start putting things in order yet?

The next files to put order in are all of those eBooks you have been collecting. Can you imagine a library just putting everything anyplace? Books and yes even eBooks can represent a very large investment.

First of all what kind of ebooks are your collecting? Can you see a logical categorization of them? Create a folder for each category, perhaps things like:
Product Manuals
Accounting Practices
Ezine Management
and so on.

Then put the eBooks in your collection inside of those folders. Your file system will put them in alphabetical order for you.

The next thing you might want to do is to print a copy of each directory. There is an application called 2X explorer that you can get that makes the job of doing this quite easy. It’s free and easy to use. http://www.free-downloads.net/downloads/2xExplorer/

Once you have printed a list of your eBooks, you can use your list to create a card catalog, or a database or just the list that’s up to you.

Opportunity is never lost
It goes To Those Ready to Accept It!


Ice Breakers
Nurses in Heaven

Three nurses went to heaven, and were awaiting their turn with St. Peter to plead their case to enter the pearly gates. The first nurse said, “I worked in an emergency room. We tried our best to help patients, even though occasionally we did lose one. I think I deserve to go to heaven.”

St. Peter looks at her file and admits her to heaven.
The second nurse says, “I worked in an operating room. It’s a very high stress environment and we do our best. Sometimes the patients are too sick and we lose them, but overall we try very hard.”

St. Peter looks at her file and admits her to heaven.

The third nurse says, “I was a case manager for an HMO.”

St. Peter looks at her file. He pulls out a calculator and starts punching away at it furiously, constantly going back to the nurse’s file. After a few minutes St. Peter looks up, smiles, and says, “Congratulations! You’ve been admitted to heaven … for five days!”

Thought for Today:
” Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. ”
– Victor Hugo

Tips and Techniques

Go to your folder with your eBooks. Right click on one of the eBooks and a dialog box will pop up. Go to properties on that dialog box. You can fill in the form with Name, Author, a brief description and other information about that file. Key words will help you to find the file again. In research I have found this to be one of my best defenses when I ask myself, “now where did I read that?”

Happy designing!

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Good Morning!
I Have Been Thinking

One of the biggest advantages to working online is the simple fact that you have a built in qualifier. You now don’t have to spend hours and hours networking and talking to people who just plain are not interested.

IF – you have a sales page for a product and enough information for that product that people buy for very little money then you know there is an interest there. Get them on an auto sponder service and you may be able to sell them more and bigger products as you grow your relationship.

IF – your create a product you can give away you can collect a list of your own. Whether it is a newsletter like this one, or an eCourse or a branded eBook you can get your brand in the minds of people virally.

IF- you promote and affiliate program where you pay people for selling your product for you, you can build an even bigger list of customers.

Each of these points in your sales process build relationships, build credibility and build your customer base. From the customer base you have the opportunity to build a truly profitable business where your customer wins and so do you.

Opportunity is never lost
It goes To Those Ready to Accept It!


Ice Breakers
Car Wash

As part of an effort at Fort Sill, Okla., to improve relations
with the surrounding community, my unit held a car wash in the parking lot of a downtown business, with the profits to go to local charities. Volunteers received three-day passes, so there was no shortage of manpower, and we all decided to wear our camouflage uniforms to clearly identify us as soldiers.

But it never occurred to us that the purpose of the “Company C Charity Car Wash” might be misunderstood until we overheard a man telling his wife, “These defense cutbacks must be really serious!”

Thought for Today:
“The first and most important step toward success is the feeling that we can succeed.” -Nelson Boswell

Tips and Techniques

Decide the strategies you will use to set up your prequalifications program. Make sure the strategies fit you and your personality. If you are doing something you don’t like doing, you won’t do it long or you will give it a lick and a promise instead of doing something from the heart.

In the prequalification process whichever you use, you want and need to get the key pertinent information like a name, email address, phone number, what time zone they reside and their IP address.

In this world of SPAM complaints, the IP address will show that they did in fact fill in the form and from where.

Happy designing!

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Good Morning!
I Have Been Thinking

***ALERT*** 2 days until Valentines’s Day. Did you get something special for that special person in your life? No it doesn’t have to be something expensive, it just has to be.

A key to being effective.

Every moment of every day, you are making an investment of something extremely valuable- you time. You cannot save time to use later, it must be used as it comes. We all get the same amount of it – 24 hours each and every day. Success in life is largely determined by how effectively we use our allotment of time.

To get the most out of the time you have focus your efforts on doing the things that will have the most significant impact on your life and your work. Some people tell you to always do the big things first, and stay on the task until it is done.

I want to tell you that yes, that is important but it is more often the little things that will keep you from getting the big things done.

Opportunity is never lost
It goes To Those Ready to Accept It!


Ice Breakers

Our National Guard unit is long on officers and short
on enlisted men, so lieutenants often help load trucks
or do other manual labor.

As we were preparing for summer camp, a couple of
sergeants muscling a trunk up a flight of stairs spotted
a junior officer. “Hey, lieutenant,” one called out, “can
you give us a hand?”

“Sure,” he replied. “What do you want me to do —
supervise or delegate?”

Thought for Today:
“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” — Abraham Lincoln

Tips and Techniques

Your time is very precious and cannot be replaced. Once it is spent it is gone. That moment will never be back again. Use you time wisely, but using it effectively. Stay focused, stay on task and pay attention to the details. If a thing is done right the first time you never have to waste time by redoing it.

Happy designing!

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Good Morning!
I Have Been Thinking

In my many years of Party Plan direct selling I have seen it
time and time again… women come home from their annual
convention fired up, determined that by next year they’ll be
able to walk the stage in the top 10, earn the cruise and have
enough income to purchase their dream home on the ocean. It is
great to come home motivated and excited about your company.
Having big dreams is a wonderful thing!

Sometimes, however, it’s just not realistic for the average
WAHM who wants a life outside of her business. Because she has
just heard some wonderful goal setting advice from the top
leaders in our company she sets those wonderful goals, posts
them on the fridge with a picture of the dream home circled in
red pen and she looks at them every day.

But the reality of it is, many work at home moms have life
boundaries that they are unwilling to cross. And those
boundaries will make it very difficult to achieve even one of
those goals. Because of this, unfortunately, many women who
could have a wonderful and fulfilling career in direct sales
quit because the goals they’ve set are just plain unrealistic
for where they are in life. Instead of enjoying the benefits of
a business with the freedom and flexibility to earn some money
while still living the rest of life, they assume they’ve failed
because the unrealistic goal was just that… unrealistic for

That said, if you’re a mom like me who has a full life with
other involvements and time commitments that you are unwilling
to shelve even temporarily for your direct sales business, you
might enjoy an unorthodox approach to goal setting. I like to
call it Goal Getting.

With Goal Getting you are looking at your life and determining
exactly what you can expect from your Direct Sales business
based on your priorities and life commitments. Basically,
you’re working backward from the usual goal setting process.

First, let’s lay some groundwork. If you are married, talk with
your husband about your schedule. If you were to say to him,
“Honey, I’m planning on being out four nights a week for the
next 6 months so I might earn a cruise,” what will he say? What
about three nights? Two nights? Is one night a week or even one
night a month the more realistic schedule for you? You can
always come back to him after you’ve written down your schedule
(see next step) to add in an extra day or two or more.

Now, here’s where the work comes in. If you don’t already have
a master family calendar, it’s time to get one! Get a nice big
calendar with room to write in each day of the month. Pull out
all the schedules you have, school, church, mom’s groups, bunco
nights, etc, and put them all on there for as many months out as
you can. Do you have date nights with your hubby regularly (if
not, you should… but we’ll save that for another day)? Is
there a TV show that you absolutely will not miss for ANYTHING
and are not willing to record? Be realistic here ladies…some
moms come into a business and say, “Oh, I can sacrifice
‘Survivor’ to do a party” but then the first time a party comes
along on that night, and they resent having to give it up. Do
yourself a favor and admit it…and schedule around it!

Do not just look at evening activities, but write in the
daytime stuff too. Think through a typical week for your
family. You want a realistic picture of what is there. So few
women do this but it’s a worthy exercise no matter what home
business you are in but particularly with Direct Sales where
being away from home for a party or workshop is a given.

Now, take that full calendar back to your husband and work
together with him to determine how many and which nights would
be best for you to be away. Meet with the rest of the family
and talk over what this is going to look like so everyone is on
the same page.

The groundwork is laid…now let’s GET the goals…

1. Find out from your company what their average party/workshop
sales are. This will likely be your average too and even if your
totals are higher, use this average for the goal getting process
since it will allow for cancellations, reschedules and the like.

2. Based on your commission structure, and basic costs of doing
business, determine how much you’ll take home from an average

3. Multiply that number by the amount of parties you’ve
determined you can do in any given month.

Ok, now what do you think of that number? Not bad, huh? Do you
want it to be higher? Talk with your family again and see if
there are any changes that can be made, but remember that those
changes will mean sacrifices in other areas of your life. That’s
fine but just remember that you cannot have it all!

Although many hope for it, most in the home party plan business
will not reach the $100,000 annual achievers club and the
company incentive trip while still being the president of the
PTA, singing in the church choir, being the Girl Scout Troop
leader, having a date night with your husband and maintaining a
spotless house where husband comes home to every night to a
rested wife ready to meet his every need!

However, even with a full life, you CAN make a nice additional
income, purchase your own products and gifts for others at a
discount and maybe even earn an incentive or two. And who
knows, when the kids are older and the scout troop no longer
needs you as leader, you can add a party or two to your
schedule and earn that cruise.

About The Author: Annette Yen lives a full and happy life as a
homechooling work at home mom. With over 20 years of direct
sales experience she loves sharing her love for direct sales
with other moms. You can get a free Goal Getting Worksheet and
other tools for your direct sales business at her site

Opportunity is never lost
It goes To Those Ready to Accept It!


Ice Breakers
Talk to God

During “children’s time” in the worship service, the kids
came forward and the pastor, wanting to teach about
prayer,asked, “How can we talk with God?”

The pastor produced paper and envelope and said,
“Maybe we can write God a letter. Does anyone know
God’s address?”

The group said no.

Then the pastor pulled out his cell phone and said, “Maybe we can telephone God. Does anyone know God’s phone number?”

The response was again negative.

Then the pastor displayed his lap top computer and said,
“Maybe we can send God an e-mail!”

A little five-year-old enthusiastically said, “Yeah, try

Thought for Today:

“The first sight of maturity is the discovery that the volume knob also turns to the left. ”
– The Chicago Tribune

Tips and Techniques

Once you understand something, you have a tough time going back to a time when you did not understand it. You lose some ability to identify with others who don’t understand.

Just as soon as we know something, we forget what it was like not to know. Can you remember what it was like before you learned to hold a pencil and make it do what you wanted it to do? Then to try to explain it to another can be a big problem. This is one of the key reasons to keep good notes. It is a good way to go back to when you were having the difficulty and how you overcame it. That kind of information could save the life of your client one day.

Happy designing!

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Title: Tax Advantages for a Home Based Craft Business

Good Morning!
I Have Been Thinking

Article: You already know how wonderful it can be to work from home, but do you realize how many home based business tax advantages exist? Here in the United States, many people operate home based businesses just to take advantage of the numerous tax deductions.

Claim the use of your home in your business and you can receive some immense deductions on your tax return. As with anything tax-related, you must meet certain requirements determined by the Internal Revenue Service. To receive more information on this, the IRS has pamphlets or downloadable information.

However, if you use one room or part of a room specifically for your business, you can receive a significant home based business tax deduction. This can include portions of your utility bills specifically related to that area of your house as well as any relevant home improvements.

Office services, including your telephone, can provide you with a significant home based business tax deduction. If you use a separate phone landline or a cell phone exclusively for your business, then all costs related to these phone lines can be tax deductible.

However, if you use telephone equipment or services in both personal and business environments, it is more difficult to establish a tax deduction. It’s not impossible, but you must meet some fairly strict requirements and maintain good records.

Using your car in your business gives you the potential for another good home based business tax deduction. Of course, you must keep excellent records but you can deduct mileage and car-related expenses that you incur while conducting your business. With any type of business, other incidental costs come up.

Other expenses such as office supplies, postage and advertising materials may also be used as tax deductions. By hiring your children or spouse to work as employees for you the opportunity exists to deduct even more. Doing this allows you to deduct health typical employee-related expenses including health insurance premiums.

With accurate advice and excellent record keeping, your home based business can become even more profitable. Consult an experienced tax advisor or an accountant to get the maximum home based business tax deductions available to you. Tax savings will raise your profit and give you confidence for your home craft business.

Author Ethan O. Tanner shares his tips saving money with ahome based business and the tax savings ofa small businessto give you tax savings.

Opportunity is never lost
It goes To Those Ready to Accept It!


Ice Breakers
Sleep Talk

A wife and husband both talked in their sleep. She loved auctions; his hobby was golf.

The other night, during a deep sleep, the man yelled, “Fore!”

His wife, also in a deep sleep and not missing a beat, yelled back, “Four fifty!”

Thought for Today:

“Worry is as useless as a handle on a snowball.”
Mitzi Chandler

Tips and Techniques

About ten years ago I started thinking of taxes in a whole new light. Tax planning begins the first day of the new year. Know your spending budget for your business, keep good records believe it or not it is much easier what a plan. Save and organize every receipt then come tax time your business is ready, no sweat.

Happy designing!

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Good Morning!
I Have Been Thinking

Hall Of Fame Posters

These are the folks who add PERPETUAL value to the forums.I’m not talking one or two posts out of several. I’m talking every… single… post.

There aren’t many of these guys around. Yes, they have something to say and people listen to what they have to say when they say it,

You should be reading every post written by John Reese, Marlon Sanders and Jeff Walker. Not because they’re famous. Read them because they know what they’re talking about. I am not talking about the sales letters or the sales hype but the posts they make in the forums and boards.

One of the boards to be a reader of is the Warrior board. it is amazing how much you can learn. You may not agree with all of these guys I know I don’t but, many know their
stuff and won’t waste your time.

Sometimes, Smaller Is Better

If you just HAVE to read the foru! ms, take my advice. Find
the small ones. That’s where the value shines.

Here’s an example…

Months ago, I had the good fortune of being led to a forum
thread on copywriting. They were talking about long versus short copy. They discussed TESTING results.

There were only a few guys in the thread and they weren’t
talking theory.

Theory is for people who don’t KNOW.

These folks were talking about the results of their testing.

No turf wars. No hurt feelings. No crap.

Just a powerful discussion amongst guys who KNOW what works.

Again, find the small, intimate forums and groups who talk about the things you are most interested in reading and learning..

Opportunity is never lost
It goes To Those Ready to Accept It!


Ice Breakers
The Haircut

A young boy had just gotten his driving permit. He asked his father, who was a minister, if they could discuss the use of the car. His father took him to his study and said to him, “I’ll make a deal with you. You bring your grades up, study your Bible a little and get your hair cut and we’ll talk about it.”

After about a month the boy came back and again asked his father if they could discuss use of the car. They again went to the father’s study where his father said, “Son, I’ve been real proud of you. You have brought your grades up, you’ve studied your Bible diligently, but you didn’t get your hair cut!”

The young man waited a moment and replied, “You know Dad, I’ve been thinking about that. Samson had long hair, Moses had long hair, Noah had long hair, and even Jesus had long hair….” To which his father replied, “Yes, and they walked everywhere they went!”

Thought for Today:
“If you don’t have the time to do something right, where are you going to find the time to fix it?” – Stephen King

Tips and Techniques

How can forums and groups hurt your business?
There really is only one way. When they waste your time. If you have to set an egg timer, do it. Forums and groups are a good way to meet new people when they are used correctly and within the guidelines of the group.

Happy designing!

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